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Intelligent Cloud & Smart Apps

Over the past decade, business applications have evolved significantly—from web to mobile to multi-channel apps.  The rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and machine learning are radically redefining apps as we know them. We’re entering the era of Smart Apps.

Smart Apps are innovative systems that gather tremendous amounts of data from sensors and other sources, using machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to make this information actionable for users and to improve experiences.  We are helping organizations build Apps that are:

Intelligent – Smart Apps use analytics, machine learning and AI services to make recommendations and predictions that guide users and things to take the next best action.

Contextual – Using personal, sensor and location data, Smart Apps are personalized, embedded in users’ processes and available on any channel/device.

Proactive – Smart Apps come to the user versus the other way around, leveraging push notifications, chat bots and messaging services to proactively interact with users and give them smart recommendations of what to do and when.

Partner with Adapt Technical group and start generating value from these technologies before competitors.

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