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Why Choose ATG Consulting?

Personal service from proven senior-level consultants. You appreciate it when deadlines are met, phone calls are returned and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking. While a large firm may assign your business to junior-level people, we’re small enough to offer very personal service from senior-level consultants.

Decades of collective experience. Our team of associates and subject matter experts have decades of experience in strengthening organizations. They’ve served in a wide range of positions, from CIO to regional director.

Flexibility to serve you better. We employ a small core staff of senior-level consultants, and draw from our pool of experts when their expertise can help us serve you better. The result? A highly nimble, more efficient approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.

ATG does more than just deliver our solutions and training to you. We also make sure that the resources in your organization who will be implementing the solutions know exactly how they work, why they work and how to help them evolve. We will make sure you’re set up for success before our work is done!

We don’t clutter our communication with consultant-speak designed to make your issues appear more complex than they really are. We prefer to keep our language and our solutions friendly, simple and effective.

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